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The rescue team rescued the injured.

He changed his attitude by 180 degrees.

They talk all the time.

I wish to see Jacques immediately.

If he doesn't eat, he will cry.

This is the best party I've been to all year.

The woman is pregnant.


He glanced at his wristwatch now and then.

We may never know why that happened.

I don't think you should call Colin.


There is a fork.

It made me happy.

She poured her passion into her kids as much as she could.


Triantaphyllos decided to put the whole torrid affair down to experience.

We knew that Columbus visited America in 1492.

It is pretty cold today.


I've never heard of you.

Graham bought a camera just a couple of days ago, but he's already lost it.

I'd never borrow anything of yours without asking first.

Catch him! Catch him!

I buy the texts, but first I start writing the English sentences that come along without looking at them.

They brought solid fuel with them.

I've never seen anything so beautiful.

That guy is batshit crazy.

While living near the beach, I often enjoyed swimming.

He cannot afford to buy a car.

The interpreter tries to give the most detail and information possible.

I just want you to scare Izumi.

An adverb is a word which modifies a verb, an adjective and sometimes another adverb.

The industrialist found a wealthy financier to help him weather the storm which was inevitable.

Fried spiders are a regional delicacy in Cambodia.

My daughter likes egg yolks.

Linley is the only one here who has never lived in Boston.

Are we ready for it?

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.


Kyung has unruly hair.


I told Valerie he was a coward.

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The audience clapped when the concert was over.

How far do we have to go?

I knew you'd come back to me.


Give that to him.

She sped along at a breakneck pace!

I'm not in the habit of staying up late.


He objected to our plan.

Winnie looked around to make sure they were alone.

How are you doing there?

Pete couldn't have said it better.

Roxane is waiting for you at home.

Sherman was suspended from school because he swore at his classmate.

He shows warm affection for his children.

As far as I know, he is kind.

He was so kind as to help us.

Dory hadn't counted on this.

Have you heard that?

She told me, "open the window".

Jarl left because of you.

He's spending too much time watching TV.

Just apologize to Grant.


She was accused of being a heretic.

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You've done your homework.

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You will banish him.

Heinrich realized Ronald was very confused.

I only met Gail three times.


She doesn't know anything about her family.


Theodore says that he has to go to Boston tomorrow.

I forgot to put film in the camera.

Do you remember what I taught you?

Transportation workers staged a walkout to protest pay cuts.

She had her navel pierced.

Making cheese is an art.

Has anyone talked with Panzer lately?


My brother has recently taken a fancy for stoats.

He isn't a smoker.

He composed a funeral march for his own funeral.

To the best of my knowledge, the lake is the deepest at this point.

These garments are made of 100 percent wool.


The police followed up all their leads, but came up empty handed.

I am standing in front of a crowd in my underwear.

This is a smooth wine.

This dress is cheaper than yours.

I completely forgot about that.


Didn't your mother teach you to say thank you?

Most people think I'm crazy.

We're not supposed to do that.

Do you really think that kind of thing can be done?

The matter does not concern me.

You are killing me slowly.

She was brought up in a rich family.

That cannot be true.

She was too tired to go on working.

Lynn chopped off the chicken's head.

They're not my rules.


I didn't realize you didn't have enough money to buy a ticket.

Why is Jinchao still at school?

This book is about stars.


A new shopping mall opened on the edge of town.

I don't like waiting for Mahesh.

Is distilled water drinkable?

I have to make sure Marsha is OK.

They were all charmed by her song.

I have blonde hair.

The doctor thought that the patient's pulse was a little fast.

Archeology is a science that studies the activities of human beings and their changes through the study of the traces left by them.

You really must see that movie.

The district attorney indicted him for theft and murder.

Taking unnecessary risks is pushing your luck!

The world chased me, but never caught.

Manjeri runs three miles a day.

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If you are in Paris, you can visit the Louvre.


He is a jack-of-all-trades.

You're all invited.

This colony was founded in 1700.

I know myself.

Taurus underwent surgery.

Margaret was being blackmailed by Brandon.

I am interested in the study of insects.

What would you do if Chip ever learned the truth?

Where's the noise coming from?

We were waiting for him for a long time.

Barney has been talking to Patty.


He has a camera.

As expected, the price of imported goods rose.

The fire is remembered in history.

Patricia will come back home when he gets hungry.

She did it anyway.

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I must meet Jisheng.

You've told Kathryn, haven't you?

She'll try it once more.

Is Haruki Murakami popular in Vietnam as well?

Dominic and I are in the same class.

This is how it should have been.

Thanks for buying these for me.

My favorite German band is Juli.

I'm very pleased to meet you today.

We learn Arabic.

Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name.

The delegation of the United States would like to propose a bilateral solution.

My mom taught me how to cook.

I think Vern is suggesting that we should leave.

I am already what you call elderly.

Our teacher says: "Of course you can."

I believe that he's trustworthy.

Who's that woman standing over there?

"Did I wake you up?" "Yes, you did!"

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Everett sang Herb's favorite song.


Ah, that reminds me of the old days!

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I cannot agree to your proposal as regards the deadline.

I can't let them do that.

Help me fold these blankets and put them away.


You might hear something.


That man is Raul.

We have a substantial stake in the venture.

Liber died in combat.

She has achieved her goals.

I like music.

Manolis tried opening the door.

Sam hired Sandeep to paint her house.

She has got a mellow, round voice.

She listened to music for hours.

My grandmother lost her memory.

Juri caught a wolf and tried to tame it.

He is young and ambitious.

She froze at the sight of the big spider.


I've completely lost my bearings.

Briggs scarcely ever gets any exercise.

I've been working here since high school.

It's not going to happen anytime soon.

Cats hate vacuum cleaners.

The problem is that Trevor has no alibi for the night of the murder.

This woman is mentally challenged.